Knox medal awarded to Professor Peter Myers

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Professor Peter Myers - Knox Medal winner
Professor Peter Myers - Knox medal winner 2017

The Royal Society of Chemistry Separation Science Group are delighted to announce that Professor Peter Myers will be the next recipient of the Knox Medal. The award will be presented to Professor Myers at HTC-15 in Cardiff in January 2018, where he will deliver the plenary Knox Lecture.

Professor Myers has had a long and distinguished career in separation science. He has been a leading figure in the development of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), which underpins much of contemporary analytical science, and in the words of Professor Keith Bartle (the previous recipient of the Knox Medal in 2015): Peter Myers has been at the forefront of HPLC development for over 35 years, and the award of the Knox Medal would be particularly appropriate given that his work in providing the practical means of applying ultra high-resolution HPLC complements exactly that of Prof Knox’s definitive work on HPLC theory.“