Photo of Prof Peter Myers

Prof Peter Myers Ph.D MRI CChem FRSC

Visiting Professor Chemistry


    Personal Statement

    From University, I started my industrial career with Unilever Research in Port Sunlight, working on the development of in house monitors for the detergent industry. I joined Phase Separations in 1979 and became the Technical Director in 1985, being responsible for the manufacture of Spherisorb and the development of new Sol-Gel processes for the manufacture of spherical ceramics for use in chromatography. This knowledge is now used in the area of capillary electro chromatography for the development of new supports and bonded phases for this new developing separation technique. With my other interests in both physics and mathematics, I also work on computational chemistry and especially computational chromatography in the virtual laboratory of the computer.

    Prizes or Honours

    • Knox Award (Royal Society of Chemistry Separation Science Group, 2018)
    • Chromatographic Society Martin Medal (Chromatographic Society, 2016)
    • Chromatographic Society Silver Jubilee Medal (Chromatographic Society, 2006)
    • Mediterranean Separation Science Foundation Research and Training Centre (University of Messina, 2005)