Sci-Tech Daresbury eyes next generation of talent with appointment of University of Liverpool student as ambassador

Posted on: 30 April 2020 in Events & News

Sci-Tech Daresbury has appointed the University of Liverpool’s Rudy Parengal as student ambassador to help strengthen the bonds between the two organisations and to ensure that more of the best talent from the university is retained within the Liverpool City Region.

Rudy Parengal, currently studying for a master’s degree in International Business at the University, has been chosen for the role in order to help showcase the opportunities available at the national Sci-Tech Daresbury campus to his fellow students.

The two organisations are working together in order to help nurture the latest graduates and postgraduate students at the University, raise awareness of the great job and placement opportunities at Sci-Tech Daresbury companies and build stronger collaborations around accessing talent between the management team of these companies and University departments.

Rudy will undertake a series of initiatives in order to promote the campus’ offers to graduates and postgraduates, with a particular focus on students studying in areas including computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering, marketing & business, life science and chemistry.

Through social media and online activity on the university campus, Rudy will liaise with students studying relevant subjects in order to promote the opportunities on-site and those coming up in the near future.

A scheduled tour of the campus by current students was recently rearranged as a webinar following the nationwide lockdown. Attended by over 45 students, participants were able to quiz several companies located on-site about their work and what it’s like to work within a thriving science and technology hub.

Businesses that took part included Rosslyn Data TechnologiesLivful and Medication Management, with the companies represented by both senior management and colleagues who joined the companies as graduates or placement students. They were able to share what life in these high-tech companies was like and the rewarding career opportunities that their roles have brought.

Dr Paul Treloar, Business Support Manager, Sci-Tech Daresbury commented: “In order to ensure a sustainable future for science and technology in our region, it’s imperative we ensure that local companies continue to attract the talents of our university graduates and postgraduates. The critical mass of high-growth companies at Sci-Tech Daresbury provides huge career opportunities for North West students in businesses from start-ups to international corporates such as IBM and Hitachi.

“Liverpool is one of the top student destinations in the UK, and it’s important that those currently studying are fully aware of the opportunities on their doorstep. Ensuring we’re able to hold on to the talents developed at our universities is crucial to the future wellbeing and economic growth of the region, and we hope initiatives such as this collaboration with the University of Liverpool will go some way to ensuring that happens.

“Rudy is a very impressive young man, and has cultivated some excellent experience in his career to date. He’ll be able to use his knowledge of his fellow students in order to promote everything Sci-Tech Daresbury and its exciting companies have to offer in a way that speaks to their personal and professional goals.”

Rudy commented: “There are so many exciting businesses working at Sci-Tech Daresbury and the offices and lab spaces are hugely impressive – when I first visited I was really inspired by seeing so many forward thinking businesses often working in close collaboration to pioneer the technologies of the future.

“I’m thrilled that I’m able to help spread the word about why Sci-Tech Daresbury is the perfect place for University of Liverpool graduates and postgraduates to fulfil their potential in an exciting and dynamic working environment.”

Paul Cullinan, employer engagement consultant in the University of Liverpool‘s Employer Connections team said: “It’s important that our students become fully aware of the potential that Sci-Tech Daresbury has to offer in terms of their professional growth and future employment prospects. Rudy’s role will help towards raising the profile of the campus across a broad cross-section of our students and it is also a great experience for Rudy in terms of his own personal development.”


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