Casual Conversations:Campus Life and Uni Challenges from a Local Student's Perspspective

Posted on: 16 February 2024 by Natalie Woods in Hints, tips and advice

Casual conversations with students

Get ready to meet Natalie, a UoL Postgrad student who's not just diving into her academic studies but is also embracing extracurricular activities, supporting widening participation initiatives, and navigating the bustling city life as a local student.

Natalie generously shares her insights into her university experience, challenges she's overcome, and the invaluable support she's received from the university community. We're excited to have her share her inspiring journey with us!

What's your favorite thing about campus? if you were in charge for a day, any ideas on what you'd change or add?

I love the city campus feel, it’s lively and feels like a real community. If I could change anything I’d have more variation in events on university square, the market stalls are great but I’d like to see a range of things.

What's your university experience as a local student?

I have a really good balance of ‘work’ and home life! I am fortunate because I was on an access scheme with UoL as a college student so I had time to get used to the campus before I joined as a student. I love the city and the people, I think the environment is great because I come into the city for uni and it feels so different from my home town. 

Have you found time to do any activities or participate to any events outside of your course? 

In truth, I’m not really a societies person! I enjoy running and reading and I have made friends doing both. I also like to do work with the widening participation team as they were really important for me progressing into higher education. 

Were there any challenges you had to overcome as a student? 

Imposter syndrome is a big one for me! I never considered university, and no one discussed it with me until I was 17. I was the first person in my family to get GCSEs so it can feel quite isolating to have moments where uni is hard and you don’t love it because its such a privilege to be here. I’ve learned that balance is essential, I try not to do any uni work on weekends and evenings to avoid feeling burnt out. 

Have you received any support from the university during your studies? 

I have and have had financial support, I was in receipt of the Liverpool Bursary as an undergrad and I got the higher education opportunity award as a master’s student. Both awards were so important for me to be able to afford to live and study. 

Do you have a dream career or still exploring? How and where do you see yourself after graduation?  

I’m currently applying to PhD programmes which is quite scary! I love research and it’s where I see myself in the future so that’s the next step for me. 

What would be your advice to a student like you starting now university?  

Make the most of the opportunities you have as a student. Internships, careers fairs, and work experience are so valuable, and they give you skills that aren’t just for future applications but for you to use throughout your degree too. It's also a great opportunity to explore careers you think you may be interested in without committing long-term.