I've been rejected for a job: what next?

Posted on: 24 January 2019 in Hints, tips and advice

Being rejected from a job application can be disappointing, however can prove a useful lesson for the future.

Take a look at some tips that could give you ideas on how to move forward:

  • Don’t burn your bridges

It can be tempting to reply to disappointing news in an erratic and ruthless way, however take control of your emotions. The employer could offer you to apply for another opportunity or in another recruitment cycle and being rude will not secure you a second chance!

  • Reflect on your experience

Was there something missing in your research about the company that could have been useful for you in the recruitment process? Were you underdressed compared to the other candidates? Was the company what you expected? Reflecting on your experiences can help when submitting new applications as they may give you a better idea of how to prepare, what is missing and what you can improve on.

  •  Ask for feedback

It is always useful to assess the stage in the recruitment process that you were at and get some feedback on why you were rejected. This will also help you in the next point…

  • Take action on feedback

Once you know what to improve upon, you can drop in to the Career Studio and the Career Coaches will be able to aid you in developing your skills. For example, we can provide practice interviews, tips on how to act during group work in assessment centres or check over your application forms. This will improve your chances when applying for the next opportunity.

  •  Don’t give up!

Improving your employability can be a journey that takes skill and patience. Do what you can to improve your chances and try again!

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