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Posted on: 18 February 2021 by Natasha Khan, Physics student & LinkedIn Learning Student Champion in Hints, tips and advice

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In this article, we will discuss the LinkedIn course Video Interview tips by Jenny Foss, the voice of the career blog Jenny provides tips and advice for the first time candidates experienced with doing video interviews, to enhance their employability prospects and feel more confident participating in this part of the recruitment process.

In the rapidly progressing digital working world, a video interview stage within the recruitment process has become more and more popular and can be the defining stage between yourself and other candidates for a particular graduate role, internship etc. 

The course is broken down into three key aspects related to the video interviewing process, fundamental to achieving the best possible outcome for the candidate. Two-way (interacting with the interview live via web conferencing software i.e. skype) and one-way (answering pre-scripted questions within a time limit) are discussed. The interview allows the candidate to showcase their skills, expertise, and personality

1. Preparing Yourself for a Video interview.  

Getting as many details as possible prior to the interview can help to reduce anxiety. Jenny suggests reaching out to your recruiter, finding out exactly what the hiring people are looking for and seeing if any prep material is available beforehand (If you don’t ask you don’t get!).  

Take your time to study the company’s culture, product, or services, finding out current developments in the industry aligning your answers with their goals and priorities and will allow you to ask thoughtful questions at the end of the interview, to assess if they are also the right employer for you. Likewise, knowing how to handle any technical issues which may arise and having a backup plan is also important.  

A good first impression is crucial, and employers can make snap judgements on your appearance alone. Jenny covers how exactly to go about choosing your outfit for the interview, allowing you to choose an outfit that aligns with the company’s culture and “step into your video interview looking like a winning candidate”.  

2. Preparing the Environment for a video interview  

Choosing an appropriate location and environment for your interview is essential, and a poorly selected background or location could affect your chances of progressing in the recruitment process.  

3. Preparing the Technology for a video interview  

Making sure you have set up the technology correctly to ensure a smooth interview is key. As well as the technological aspect, Jenny also delves into how to practice for a video interview, allowing you to prepare effectively and feel confident in potential answers to questions that may be asked.  

Finishing the interview strongly can leave a lasting impression on the employer and allow you to find out any follow-up information related to the next stages in the recruitment process. Finally, Jen discusses sending out thank you emails following the interview, allowing you to show genuine interest in the role and enthusiasm.  

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Watch Jenny's full course here

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