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Posted on: 31 October 2023 by Aditi Gupta in Hints, tips and advice

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Beyond the initial stage of searching for a graduate job or placement, there lies the crucial application and selection process. This process aims to narrow down the pool of candidates to select the best ones for the interview stage. Excelling in these early stages of the application process is key to securing a spot at the interview.

We understand that this can be a challenging task, and the key to success lies in practice. Luckily, we have a set of digital tools tailored to provide you with just that! Below, you'll find a series of digital tools that can greatly enhance your chances of success in the application and selection process for your upcoming applications.

CV360: Whether you're creating a CV from scratch or checking your existing one, CV360 is an excellent tool for crafting an impressive CV. With the prevalence of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in the recruitment process, CV360 scores your CV just as an ATS would, significantly enhancing your chances of progressing through the initial stages of the selection process. CV360 offers instant feedback related to design, structure, content, format, language, and your skills. Additionally, with the Cover Letter Builder tool within CV360, you can create a cover letter from scratch by working through different cover letter sections and inputting your introduction, skills, and motivations according to provided examples.

ShortlistMe: Video interviews are commonly used in the selection process for graduate jobs and placements. These are similar to face-to-face interviews and capture your responses for evaluation by recruiters. Your role is to answer and record the questions asked to you in the best way possible. To excel in this process, practice is crucial. With ShortlistMe, you can practice, self-review, and receive instant AI feedback on your performance after completing a practice video interview on the platform. With ShortlistMe, you'll have the opportunity to fine-tune your interview technique, gaining confidence and familiarity with the process.

Graduates First: Graduates First is a valuable tool for students to practice a range of free tests in areas such as numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning assessments. If you've never attempted an online psychometric assessment before, it's highly recommended that you practice some mock assessments with Graduates First before attempting an actual assessment set by an employer. Moreover, the platform provides exclusive insights into the various stages of employer recruitment, helping you get ready for job interviews and assessments.

eCareersGrad: Students looking for interview preparation can also benefit from using the “Interview Success” course on the eCareersGrad platform. You'll be able to access over 60 video-based sample answers to interviews in various different sectors such as consulting, finance, law, public service, and even academic interviews. On the course, you can also find 10+ scoring guides and illustrated response frameworks for a range of questions, from introductory to scenario-based. With the “Master the Commercial and Consulting Case” course, you can access 15+ video-based answers providing clear examples of effective approaches to case scenarios such as market sizing, market entry, and revenue growth. Put your knowledge to the test with practice cases featuring model answers for further practice.

As a University of Liverpool student, you have free access to all the above platforms. You can find more details on this webpage: [Digital tools and Guides - Careers and Employability - University of Liverpool]

For more support, please visit us at the Career Studio, and one of our friendly Career Coaches will be happy to have a chat with you. Good luck with your job search!

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