Introducing e-CareersGrad: A Must Have Tool for International Students

Posted on: 14 April 2023 by Aditi Gupta in Hints, tips and advice

New Digital Resources to Prepare Liverpool Uni Students for Job Market

We understand that international students and graduates tend to face a host of issues when searching for job opportunities.To help make the job search experience easier we have introduced e-CareersGrad to our range of digital tools for University of Liverpool students and graduates.

eCareersGrad includes a resource just for international students, helping you to Target the Right UK Employer with information on the UK job market and employers where you are able to find visa-sponsored job roles.

Divided into 6 chapter, the content will focus on the following areas:

1. Real life case study examples

You will follow the journey of international students like yourself who have gone through the experience of navigating the UK job market. These case studies are from students from a range of disciplines, levels of study and nationalities and their experience with the different types of visa routes.

2. Busting common myths about the UK job market

Unfamiliarity with the UK job market can understandably lead to misconceptions in the minds of international students. In order to tackle this, eCareersGrad busts some common myths noted amongst international students as part of this course.

3. Deeper understanding of the UK job market

eCareersGrad will build your awareness of some important terms that are typically used in the context of the UK job market. If you have ever felt unsure of the difference between graduate job and graduate scheme, been interested in shadowing an industry professional or taking part in an insight week, then this course will shine more light on all these areas.

4. Fundamentals of the Different Visa Routes

If you are looking for any information related to the Skilled Worker Visa, the Graduate Route Visa or the Start-Up Visa, this course will provide you with a basic understanding about it. Stepping into the shoes of a recruiter, you will also gain an enhanced understanding of how recruiters may look at the different visa routes and which particular one they are most likely to opt for.

5. Enhanced understanding of UK Employers offering visa sponsorship

A lot of UK employers may hold a sponsorship license that enables them to sponsor international students and graduates through the Skilled Worker Visa route. In this section you can find information on the top 150 UK employers that have a history of sponsoring visas of international students and graduates.

These employers also tend to be concentrated in some sectors more than others. Learn which sectors are most popular for hiring international students through the Skilled Worker Visa route. You will be able to view a sector listing from across 9 different sectors that include technology and telecoms, legal, engineer, science and pharma, among others.

For each employer that is featured you will be able to find more information on how many visas have they sponsored in the last 3 years. Along with this, the employer profile will also provide more details on which business areas the employer typically tends to recruit international students in. Finally, it will also shine light on what type of opportunities are available (placements or graduate jobs), along with a link to the company’s recruitment portal.

6. More Advice on Success Strategy

The final chapter of the course will focus more on the best strategies to implement when looking and applying for graduate jobs – these range from making applications early, attending employer-led events on campus, using digital tools and making a visit to your careers team.

While there are different visa routes available to international students/graduates, we understand that you may have a preferred one. If your priority is to land a role which offers a visa sponsorship, then eCareersGrad enables you to target the best employers to secure a sponsorship. With an understanding of sponsoring employers, you will be able to make your job search more targeted. Use this to make speculative applications to these companies, network with hiring managers who work at these organisations and keep a tab on social media pages of all these employers that are most likely to sponsor your visas!


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