Enterprise Stories: Nat and Doorstep Diner

Posted on: 15 April 2021 in Enterprise

A business to combine people with food to create memorable experiences.

About me 

My name is Nat and I’m a second-year Business Management student. I am fascinated with Entrepreneurship and I’m planning to start a business once I graduate.  

About my business idea: 

My business will combine people with food to create memorable experiences. I’m planning to create a collection of commercial kitchens for brands to offer delivery of takeaway service. However, I want to move away from the competition. I want to steer the current ‘dark kitchen’ movement into a transparent, fun and meaningful direction. I want to provide restaurant entrepreneurs and food brands with an alternative to brick and mortar restaurants, without losing the atmosphere and buzz that makes restaurant kitchens so alive. I also want people at home to have access to a variety of quality food from a host of passionate food brands that operate in our kitchens. When I look back on some of my happiest memories, most of them involve food of some sort. I want to create those memories for others. 

My next steps 

Currently, I’m trying to speak to as many food delivery customers and food brands as possible, to get a full picture of the problems and pain points that they are dealing with. I will use this information to create a business that adds real value to both consumers and food brands. I think the best brands are the ones who actually go out of their way to listen to their customers. 

 I have met some really interesting people which have led to even more opportunities further down the road. For anyone considering participating in similar activities, I can’t recommend it enough. Who knows who you’ll end up meeting? 

Enterprising activities and programmes at university 

Early in my first year, I participated in the Emerge Programme where a group of students with business ideas had the opportunity to follow a 12-week programme. Each week, we would hear from entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors about their experiences, insights and advice. At the end of the programme, we all had the opportunity to pitch our businesses to high-net-worth individuals to receive feedback and explore the potential of investment. 

Towards the end of my first year, I also entered the University’s sustainability challenge where entrants were asked to come up with an idea to improve the sustainability of the University. My idea was to offer a cookery club programme for students. This programme would teach students how to source and produce nutritious, straightforward and delicious meals. The aim of this was to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skillset for home cooking to use throughout university and later life. I was fortunate to win this challenge and I’m grateful for the feedback I received. 

Currently, I am participating in the design of future programme which is similar to last year’s Emerge Programme. The programme is great for giving practical insights and guidance for starting and running a business in the real world. At the end of the programme, we will also get the opportunity to pitch our ideas. It’s great to connect with other enterprising students, especially during the world we are in today. 

Without any hesitation, these enterprising opportunities have been the highlight of my university experience so far (outside of the socials). These activities have had a chain reaction on my personal and business development.