Exciting Funding Opportunities for Students & Graduates

Posted on: 9 February 2024 by Richard Finch in Enterprise

Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Exciting Funding Opportunities for Student & Graduate Ventures!

Are you a student or recent graduate bursting with an innovative business ides? Look no further! At the University of Liverpool, we're thrilled to introduce two incredible funding opportunities, tailored just for you – The Enterprise Fund and the Design Your Future Pitching Competition.

Both funding opportunities are not just about the money; they're about nurturing your entrepreneurial dreams and turning them into reality.

The Enterprise Fund: Fuelling Your Business Aspirations

  1. Visit Handshake, here: The Enterprise Fund 2024
  2. Download the bespoke business plan template here: Enterprise Fund 2024 Business Plan Template. (Remember, we only accept business plans that have been completed within this template.)
  3. Fill in the template in full, covering all the details.
  4. Attach your completed business as part of your application.

The Enterprise Fund is your ticket to transforming ideas into thriving businesses.

About the Enterprise Fund

Awards ranging from £500 - £5000 are up for grabs, exclusively for students and graduates. You don't need a running start-up, just a compelling business plan showcasing your vision.

Here's your roadmap to success:

After submitting your application, you'll receive a link for a Shortlist.Me video interview. Then, you'll have 14 days from the invitational email to complete it. During the video interview, you’ll tackle 2 key questions:

  1. Share a 3-minute pitch unveiling your business idea and your vision for the next two years.
  2. Clarify why funding your idea is crucial and highlight your unique selling proposition (USP) in a concise 2-minute response. Let your passion shine through!

Note: you must complete both stages in full for your application to be considered.

Eligibility for Enterprise Fund

Eligibility is broad, welcoming current students, recent grads (within two years of graduation) and international students under certain visa categories. And don't worry, if your business isn't registered, we can help you do this.

We're on the lookout for innovation, viability, and scalability – three crucial elements that will shape the success of your business. The fund is a versatile supporter, ready to back various aspects of your entrepreneurial journey, be it recruitment, technical equipment, training, marketing and much more.

Remember, the deadline is March 15th, 2023 – don't let this opportunity slip away! Find out everything you need to know on Handshake: The Enterprise Fund 2024


Design Your Future Pitching Competition: Where Enterprise Ideas Take Flight

Are you ready to showcase your entrepreneurial talent and win an exciting cash prize? The Design Your Future Pitching Competition is your stage, exclusively for current students and recent grads.

About the Design Your Future Pitching Competition

Cash prizes of £4000, £2000, and £1000 are up for grabs, awarded to the top 3 pitches and seed funding for runners-up. Plus, we've got funding to help you register your business with Companies House and potential seed funding.

Here's your roadmap to success:

  • Submit a 6-minute video pitch, showcasing your business idea.
  • If you’re shortlisted, you will deliver a live, 3-minute elevator pitch to a panel of judges on April 18th, 2024.

Eligibility for Design Your Future Pitching Competition

If you're a current student or graduated within the last two years, this is your chance!

How to impress the judges? Focus on how this funding can support your venture, the impact of your idea and who stands to benefit. Keep your video pitch at, or under, 6 minutes.

Stay tuned for the competition opening in March and watch out for updates on Handshake.

Want to find out more about these funding opportunities?

If you’re wondering whether to apply to one or both (why not both if eligible), or still uncertain and seeking guidance, your Start-up and Entrepreneurship Team, at Careers and Employability, is here to support you every step of the way. Please reach out to Ben and Lucky at startup@liverpool.ac.uk

Seize these opportunities and let your entrepreneurial journey begin! The future belongs to those who dare to dream and take that bold first step.

You’ve got this! 🚀



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