Enterprise Stories: Gabriella is sharing her Liverpool Experience

Posted on: 10 March 2021 in Enterprise

Enterprise stories are a great way to get inspired. Gabriella created a dedicated social space to share her Experience as a Chinese student in Liverpool.

About me:

I am Gabriella Chen. I am a Chinese student, just completed my master's degree in architecture, I graduated in December 2020 and I am currently live in Liverpool on a Tier 1 Start-Up Visa. 

About my business idea:

I have been an international student ambassador since 2019, during this period I realised many questions before they come to the UK. These include how to choose the right University and major, how to apply for a visa and even how to prepare for exams. Therefore I started to build my social media channel to share my experience of studying in the UK. The topics covered so far include campus tours, online graduation, how to celebrate Christmas in the UK and how to build your own business here.

The next step for me:

The content I have created so far mainly focuses on Chinese social media and the potential audience is Chinese student. However, I want to start building a Youtube channel. This will be open to all international students and local students. The topic will be more related to Liverpool city. Including the best restaurants/ coffee/ Bars and Clubs in Liverpool. I will also include interesting slang in scouse and Liverpool Ghost Stories. In order to do this, I really need some friends who are local students or other international students to get involved in this. If you are local to Liverpool, or you just interested in the topic, please don’t feel hesitate to contact me. Let’s make this happen!! (My email address: Q.Chen57@liverpool.ac.uk)

Tip: You need to keep trying, sometimes it’s may not work, don’t worry, try more, you will find your way.

Have you participated in any enterprise activity or programmes at university?

I was involved in the “Bright Ideas” enterprise programme from 2019 to 2020. This is an Enterprise activity for all the students who study in the School Of The Arts. Before I joined in this programme, I just interested in creating a Vlog but I never thought it could become a business plan. I gain a lot from that, like finding my target audience and give us the opportunity to keep in touch with local entrepreneurial teams. I am currently taking part in a project run by The Prince’s Trust as they also offer a range of specialized courses which I am able to access whilst on the Tier 1 Start-Up Visa at The University.

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