Creating an online business teaching English

Posted on: 21 May 2020 by Laura, Chinese Studies and Business student at the University of Liverpool in Enterprise

I’ve always been interested in teaching because both of my parents worked in education, but I fell in love with it when I went to Xinjiang, China, for a year to teach during my gap year. Being out of my depth became a natural feeling and it definitely helped me learn to say ‘yes’ to new, and sometimes scary, challenges.

After my year abroad, I still wasn’t sure that I was ready for university, and so one year turned into three! I gained experience teaching privately, as well as teaching at universities over the summer, in schools, or even holding classes in the park, which allowed me to learn the basics for a fun English learning experience in any location. Moving from a tiny village in Xinjiang to Beijing helped me see the difference in quality and price of the learning options available to different people in different locations, which helped me price my business. 

When I came back to the UK to start my degree, I started teaching online for a little extra spending money, and now have around 32 classes a week. I’m extremely lucky that I have a job that I can not only travel with, but also stay inside with. Running an online business means that I can be ‘Corona-proofed which I’m very grateful for.  

After my year abroad in China was cut short because of the virus I felt disappointed that I lost a lot of time to travel, eat tonnes of dumplings and practise speaking Chinese, but the experience has definitely taught me to look for the benefits and the opportunities around me, even in such a strange time 

If anyone would like any advice about starting a small business whilst at University, my LinkedIn is 

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