Design Your Future Pitching Competition

Posted on: 13 June 2022 by Samantha Riella in Enterprise

Jaskirat Kaur - Design Your Future

Jaskirat Kaur tells us more about her enterprise experience, the Design Your Future Pitching Competition and how this has impacted her employability and future career plans.

Jaskirat Kaur - founder of Theatre Capture.

Theatre Capture aims to improve patient care by facilitating direct data collection in operating theatres. Theatre Capture does this through a mobile application which links implants to patients at the source, improving the efficiency of data collection, traceability and accountability. The data will be securely stored and can be called upon to identify patients with faulty implants.

What are you studying and some of your interests?

I studied Anatomy and Human Biology during my undergraduate degree between 2018 and 2021 and this year I completed my Master’s in Biological Sciences. I have always had an interest in medicine and healthcare which expanded during my internship last summer with a health tech company, Health Data Insight. During this experience I was introduced to the current issues and insufficiencies in our healthcare system. This experience, along with my passion of driving social change, has motivated me to continue working on projects that aim to improve healthcare services that optimise patient care.

What was your enterprise experience like?

I participated in the Design Your Future Pitching Competition where I gave a three-minute pitch promoting my business idea to a judging panel. I heard about the event through a university email. After recording a presentation and completing a form providing details on my proposition on funding requirements, I was shortlisted for the in-person competition. Hosted at Scale Liverpool, the pitching competition brought together inspiring entrepreneurs to share innovative ideas. This was an incredible event that showcased talent in Liverpool and has motivated me to pursue my endeavours, working on my start up.

Design Your Future Logo on brick wall

How has this experience impacted your employability?

Delivering a speech to over 100 people has massively boosted my confidence. I was extremely nervous beforehand as this was the first time I had ever participated in an event of this scale. However, by overcoming my nerves I have been able to build resilience when faced with a challenge, a highly employable attribute. This experience also developed my self-confidence which has proved useful when delivering subsequent presentations with ease.

The event allowed me to practice networking with inspiring entrepreneurs and gain incredible contacts that have already helped me expand my business knowledge.

Jaskirat Kaur - Design Your Future

Are you planning to continue with your enterprise?


Do you have any top tips for future students that may undertake this experience?

Go for it – you have nothing to lose, only gain! I found out about the competition quite late but still wanted to apply to make sure that I had chance, which proved fruitful after all.

You never know what you will gain from an experience or conversation but being open to opportunities when they present themselves will ensure you never miss out.

Follow up with people that you have met during events. This will ensure they remember you and it shows that you appreciated their time and knowledge. Having done this after the pitching event, I have been able to continue correspondence with supportive and insightful associates who have shared their contacts with me, thus expanding my own network.

Design Your Future Panel

Did this experience have any impact on your career planning?

Yes! Hearing the positive feedback and interest about my ideas to digitise data collection in operating theatres has motivated me to continue working hard on my enterprise and has amplified my passion for improving healthcare. Since the event, I have been contacted by inspiring and notable entrepreneurs in this field, offering me their support and guidance. Using this network and the confidence I gained during the competition, I am determined to continue my work on TheatreCapture, and introduce hospitals to an efficient, digital solution that will transform data collection in hospitals.

Looking to start your own enterprise?

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