Volunteering on my placement with Everton FC

Posted on: 27 April 2020 in Student experiences

Lucy is a BA Marketing with a Year in Industry student at the University of Liverpool, who is currently on a placement with Everton FC. Find out about her volunteering experience:


"I have been volunteering for a group called the 'Holme Valley Covid Mutual Aid' where each person has 'adopted' one or multiple people who are in need in the community.

I have been looking after three elderly ladies by doing their shopping and ringing them up for a chat, one of them has a husband with dementia so she likes to speak to me and express her feelings about the situation and having to explain it to her husband who doesn't understand. 

In reality, I probably would never have met these ladies before all this, so its nice to have made some new friends as such and to keep them smiling in such a difficult time.  

I am currently on placement with Everton FC who are doing a lot of work in Liverpool through their Blue Family campaign, I like to think of what I am doing as an extension of that. My boss is aware of what I am doing and is really supportive if I need to pop out for an hour to help one of the ladies.

Overall, it just feels good to be putting my time to good use and helping whose who are having to stay inside to protect themselves. Plus I believe it has extended my skills in organisation, speaking to different age groups and relationship management in a way as I am speaking with shopkeepers to arrange payments etc."