Get Ahead / Get Hired programme: Ellie's Experience

Posted on: 22 February 2022 by Richard Finch in Student experiences

Ellie is a second year Law and Business student at The University of Liverpool who took part in our Get Ahead/Get Hired iniative. In this blog post she talks about her experience on the programme.

What made you apply for the Get Ahead/Get Hired programme?

I applied for the Get Ahead/Get Hired programme because I wanted to explore what other experiences and opportunities that I could possibly take once I have graduated at the University of Liverpool. Moreover, I applied as, in the first year of studies at university I didn’t know what opportunities was available to me as I just thought once I’ve graduated I was going to have to find a job which was unreasonable. Therefore, this programme has assisted me to seek out other pathways that are mostly available to everyone, which has made me more confident in looking into other opportunities and pathways in the future once I have graduated.

Please can you tell us about some of the activity you were involved in during the programme?

I joined in all of the events that the programme had provided which included: a few employer panel about what a graduate scheme involves from our partner employers in person and online which was the first event that I joined which was when I found out there was many opportunities out there for me and it made me feel better because there was many other students there who was in the same shoes as I was.

There was also 3 takeaway task which kept me really engaged with the programme and where I could research and how. It gave me the chance to research what internships I could take for a short period of time to gain some experience and whether that would be the best fit for me in the future. In addition, I attended a session with a careers coach to boost my Handshake profile to appeal and attract employers which was extremely helpful to me.

What was the most valuable element of the programme?

The most valuable element of the programme is that each event that took place it was a quick reminder to myself that there are a variety of options and opportunities out there for whatever field/industry you are looking to go into. Moreover, it showed that there is so much diversity in everything and that I should explore more and not on a fixed pathway for my future.

What did you enjoy most about the programme?

I enjoyed every aspect of the programme as it got be involved and connected with my peers and employers in a easy and efficient way which has worked amazing for me as a busy university student. Everything that has been set up for us has been extremely flexible and accessible whether that be online or on campus and if I wasn’t able to attend an event, everything was recorded and so I was able to watch them when I was free.

How did completing the programme enhance your exposure to employers?

In completing the programme has enhanced my exposure to employers as I have learnt that when being on Handshake and Linkedin, that I need to ensure that I need to filter what I’m looking for to getting a better insight on what opportunities and experiences that I am looking for in the future. This has allowed me to research into employers in depth and see what opportunities that they will offer me in depth. This allowed me to explore one specific industry/interest and see what the different employers and expecting and what attracts them.

What skills have you developed through your involvement in the programme?

The skills that I have developed through my involvement in this programme is my improvement in my confidence as person because it’s the time where I need to take the first steps into my future where I need to find something that will benefit me.  Therefore my confidence was boosted in overall to get more involved and connected with employers and other students like me to make the best decision for myself.

How have you been able to use your experience of the Get Ahead/Get hired programme to help you with your future career plans?

The get Ahead/Get hired programme experience has given me hope and diversity in the options that I have for my future career plans. It has showed me that I don’t need to stick to a strict structure and that I can learn, explore and grow into different pathways. I believe this was one of the best decisions that I have made while I have been at university as I believe that having many options is efficient because it allows me to explore and be experimental. Therefore, this has immense my understanding and knowledge with my future career plans.