Meet Shannon: our new Digital Content Creator!

Posted on: 3 April 2024 by Richard Finch in Graduate stories

A student at their graduation day

Hello everyone! My name is Shannon and I am the Digital Content Creator intern at Careers and Employability.

I joined the team around a month ago and have been inspired by the work they do to improve the employability of University of Liverpool students. During my month here, I’ve seen how tirelessly they work to organise events, and training opportunities, produce resources, give students access to the best digital tools and to even win prizes!

Therefore, it is my goal to help promote the variety of resources accessible to students and use social media channels as a base to direct them to where they can access support. The job market is incredibly difficult, perhaps even more so than ever, so it is vital to me to help other students explore their career opportunities and the support available to them to set them apart from other candidates.

As a recent graduate I understand how overwhelming student life is and how spread out University information can be as different departments have different places/systems where they post their updates. Through the content I create, I hope to make the job search less daunting and complicated and to use the Careers socials as a springboard to the future you deserve! Increasing your employability doesn’t have to be something that takes weeks or months it can even be 7hrs per semester! I guess that could lead to a plug for the Careers Studio/the Digital Coach sessions… But I’ll stop before I get too carried away.

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