I Got Hired: Software Developer at Ultamation

Posted on: 8 July 2022 by Richard Finch in Graduate stories

Jasper is studying for our MSc Advanced Computer Science and has been offered a graduate role at Ultamation in Liverpool.

My name is Jasper and I’m a postgraduate student on the MSc Advanced Computer Science programme at the University of Liverpool. I also completed my undergraduate degree here at Liverpool.

I’ve just been offered a graduate role as a Control Systems Software Developer at Ultamation who are based in the Liverpool Science Park, on the edge of The University of Liverpool campus.

What made you decide on this career path?

I suppose that it started with an interest in computer programming in school, initially through my GCSE and A Levels. It’s always been something that has been of interest to me.

What careers support did you make use of while at university?

When I was first writing my CV I came into the Career Studio [on University Square] to get help from the Career Coaches. When I was looking for graduate jobs I used lots of the online resources that are available on Handshake to help with writing cover letters, applications forms, and also preparing for interviews.

What attracted you to the role at Ultamation?

I think that working for a smaller company rather than being part of a big graduate scheme means that you feel much more invested in the work, and have more of an impact with any new ideas and suggestions that you might have. It’s also more varied and you feel more ownership of your work.

Could you tell us about the application process for the role?

The first stage was an application with my CV and a cover letter. This was followed by an in-person interview with the Ultamation founder and director. I was asked about my technical experience, and about my placement year during my undergraduate degree. I’d researched about the company, and they asked me what my aims were to try to see if I’d fit into the team. I had a technical questionnaire to complete as well.


What advice would you give to other students preparing for the recruitment process?

Be ready with examples of your experience and how you can link those, and your skills, to the company and what they’re looking for. They may also ask you questions about what you would do in a certain situation, and for those questions try to walk them through your thought process so that they can get a sense of how you would be in team.