I Got Hired: Graduate Planner at Pegasus Group

Posted on: 7 October 2022 by Samantha Riella in Graduate stories

Class of 2021 Town and Regional Planning graduate Leah-Ella Hegarty, tells us more about her role as a Graduate Planner at Pegasus Group.

What is your current job title and organisation you work for?

Graduate Planner at Pegasus Group. 

How did you hear about the role?

I was approached by a recruitment consultant.

How did you get to where you are now?

Whilst I was at University I threw myself into as much experience as I could get and worked/shadowed for free. I gained experience in Liverpool City Council, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and two private sector consultancies Cassidy and Ashton Architects and Mosaic Town Planning. From this work experience, I gained my first job and started my career Graduate Planner at Mosaic Town Planning. I then moved to Pegasus Group as a Graduate Planner in Liverpool to be closer to home and I am now progressing and moving up to a Planner role after a year in the company.

What is your favourite experience as part of your role?

My favourite experience whilst I have been working for Pegasus Group was the opportunity to attend a site visit in the Isle of Man. I flew on a plane and got to see Douglas Bay from a boat that day!

What was the most challenging part of your graduate journey?

I was lucky to find a company that would take me on in the pandemic as a placement student which enabled me to gain experience in the industry and learn the profession in practice. What would have been difficult is going from a student to a planner employee as it is a big jump. I really recommend getting first-hand experience in the field and it helps you to understand if you will enjoy the job or not.

What are your top three tips for other students?

1. Be active on LinkedIn - I have been recognised by several industry professionals from my LinkedIn profile.

2. Get as much experience as you can, not just for your CV but for your own personal development and experience. Companies are very welcoming to inviting a student for a week or two to visit their offices.

3. Don't be disheartened if you get turned down or don't get the job - everything happens for a reason and the right company will be waiting for you!