I Got Hired: Data Analyst at The Very Group

Posted on: 2 January 2024 by Richard Finch in Graduate stories

Heidi Schacht is a Class of 2022 Biochemistry graduate, now working as a Data Analyst at The Very Group.

Searching for any jobs I met the requirements for on Handshake and other job websites. I applied for the job online and completed the application process including a phone call, online test, interview and assessment centre before getting the job to start on the tech grad scheme with Very at their head office in Speke, Liverpool.     

The gradual process of getting to know to various people in different areas of the business (as a part of our graduate scheme project) has been super interesting and helped me understand aspects of the company that my daily job wouldn’t usually involve.             

Moving from Biochem into data meant a lot of learning from scratch in terms of coding whilst adjusting to being in a new workplace. The initial learning was manageable with online courses and contextual examples, but it took a long time so it was important for me to not become overwhelmed and feel out of my depth while I was still in the process of learning. Being part of a graduate scheme helped me with this, since we were expected to spend time learning and get extra support where needed.

My advice for current students:

  • Apply for jobs even if you aren’t sure you meet all the criteria - not all jobs require a relevant degree and many places put the focus more heavily on a drive to learn so be confident in your abilities.

  • If you’re only in first or second year, don’t hesitate to plan ahead and keep track of any volunteering or work you do, linking jobs to transferable skills.

  • Starting work is a huge change from Uni and a long summer holiday so cut yourself some slack when you get there and make sure to put time in to get to know your colleagues personally which should make the whole learning experience easier.

Need some help or not sure where to start? Drop-in to the Career Studio on campus to speak to the team of Career Coaches.