From University to UK Atomic Energy Authority

Posted on: 16 April 2019 in Graduate stories

Oliver is a graduate Mechatronics & Robotics System Engineer who now works for the UK Atomic Energy Authority in RACE (Remote Applications in Challenging Environments.) Read his case study to find out all about his footsteps, tips and advice.


While you were at University, what were you doing to help get ready for your next steps?

I made use of the careers service firstly. They prepared me for the assessment process, the interviews and the CV. I also communicated with my supervisor as he had worked in industry and knew what employers were looking for, so I have to credit him a lot.


 What challenges do you face as a graduate in a new workplace? What did you do to overcome these?

University is quite theoretical, however the industry is more practical. A challenge was getting to grips with the technical processes, in terms of design reviews and writing requirements. To overcome this, I asked my manager a lot of questions, along with the current graduates and the graduates in the year above.


 Since graduating, has your career gone perfectly to plan?

I didn’t envision my career progressing any other way. If anything it’ s worked out pretty good for me because I haven’t had to move away from home, which means I can save money and there are some expenses to be saved.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

You can’t compare RACE to a lot of other places. It’s remote handling but in challenging environments. There are completely different challenges in RACE when compared to what you would get in other fields.


 What advice would you give to current students looking to explore similar career paths?

If you’re going for a job, students shouldn't merely find a vacancy that says ' electrical engineer ' and apply just because it’ s a job. They should make sure they know what that company is doing, what they’ re likely to be doing and whether their kind of work is something you’re going to be interested in.


 Where is your favourite place to hang out with friends as a student in Liverpool?

Some people won’t like me for this but Level and Concert Square was always good for me. During the daytime I liked Liverpool One for shopping and food. Generally if I was going out, it would be Level unfortunately and maybe Baa Bar on a Friday night.

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