Improve your interview technique with VR

Posted on: 9 June 2022 by Samantha Riella in Student experiences

The VR Confidence Lab sessions really helped my confidence, student Anna Martin

Anna Martin, a second year Biological Sciences student, came into the Career Studio and took part in our VR Confidence Lab sessions.

These sessions aim to develop interview skills and confidence through the engaging and safe space of Virtual Reality. With 4 exciting modules to choose from, students can improve their confidence and interview technique and get targeted feedback and personalised tips to get interview ready.

Here's what Anna had to say about using the job simulation software BodySwaps at the Career Studio:

What was the best part about using the VR?

I enjoyed using the VR as it didn’t feel like I had a huge audience watching me as I practiced, it gave me a unique way to think about how I go about an interview. 

Name one skill you have improved on.

The VR Confidence Lab really helped improve my confidence and meant I was less nervous before starting my interview. 

Did you learn anything new?

A new technique I learnt was the CAR technique, this stood for context, action, and result. The method helped me talk about my experiences in an ordered and clear way, without deviating on irrelevant tangents. Again, this really improved my confidence when talking about myself. 

How did the VR help your confidence?

The VR told me when I was doing well and gave helpful tips to encourage me, so during my actual interview I knew I was doing well. 

Would you recommend this to other students?

I would definitely recommend it to students who have upcoming interviews. Taking part in the VR Confidence Lab session allowed me to secure an internship position at McCann Health and they praised me on my composure and interview technique. They reached out to me and said that it was one of the strongest interviews that they'd seen and that I composed myself well for my age! 

Student with VR Headset on

Whether you have used VR before or are completely new to it, these sessions are a great way to develop your skills and confidence and apply what you have learnt to real world scenarios. These sessions are for all students, no matter what course you are studying. You can book a VR Confidence Lab session here.