A series of workshops on 'Re-thinking post-slavery' organised by the Centre for the Study of International Slavery. (CSIS, a partnership between the University of Liverpool and National Museums Liverpool). Seminars on ‘Re-thinking post-slavery’ are supported through an ESRC Research Seminar Grant.

Migration and Post-Slavery in West Africa

An international workshop held at the University of Liverpool's School of History on 15 March 2010.

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Postslavery in the Francophone Caribbean

A seminar exploring some of the myriad legacies of slavery and abolitionism in the Francophone Caribbean from the nineteenth century to today held at the University of Liverpool on the 25 June 2010. Speakers were: Doris Garraway, Kate Hodgson, Alasdair Pettinger, Louise Hardwick and Matthew Smith.

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Alasdair Pettinger, ‘These New Plantations by the Sea’: The Caribbean Hotel as Site of Exploitation and Scene of Writing

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Re-thinking Post-Slavery Symposium

The closing event in the 'Re- thinking Post-Slavery' series. Speakers include Catherine Clinton, Livio Sansone, Aldrin Castellucci, Bruce Baker. At the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool: 2 July 2010 - 3 July 2010.

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