Black Atlantic panorma

An interactive resource promoting the study of black Atlantic cultures

This section of the site is intended to be a source of material contributing to the understanding of current research, and facilitating further research into black Atlantic cultures and the black diaspora, from the era of slavery to the present.

The material provided here is accessible via three options: 

  • reference which includes a glossary of relevant terms and, an extensive bibliography listing relevant exhibition catalogues and audiovisual material as well as books, articles and other bibliographies;
  • an index of key people relevant to the study of the black atlantic;
  • chronology marking key events, movements, people and ideas in the context of the black Atlantic:

Much of this material has been contributed by Tate Liverpool from the ‘Afro-Modern: Journeys through the black Atlantic’ exhibition catalogue. Future material will be contributed by undergraduate and post-graduate students from the University of Liverpool.