Black Atlantic panorma

An interactive resource promoting the study of black Atlantic cultures

Welcome to the Black Atlantic interactive web resource, a site constructed on the occasion of Tate Liverpool’s exhibition "Afro Modern: Journeys through the Black Atlantic". The model of study which the Black Atlantic Resource seeks to promote was inspired by Paul Gilroy’s seminal book The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double Consciousness

Gilroy used the term 'The Black Atlantic' to describe the transmission of black cultures around the Atlantic, and the instances of cultural hybridity, that occurred as a result of transatlantic slavery and its legacy. We therefore seek to promote the exploration of ideas, peoples and networks, real and imagined journeys taken across the Atlantic, which were and are ‘in motion across the spaces between Europe, North and South America, Africa, and the Caribbean’, the societies from which they originated, those which they impacted upon, and those which they contributed to creating.

We are seeking to create a space which enables the scholarly exchange of ideas, provides a starting point for further study, and offers access to in-depth information, recent research, and upcoming events related to the study of the Black Atlantic. We aim to encourage an interdisciplinary, comparative and international approach to research in this area, by opening up a space within which the connections, flows, exchanges, networks, people and places that make up the Black Atlantic can be studied, and discussed, whilst allowing users to contribute to the development of the site.

We therefore aim to provide access to:

  •  into cultures, histories, and legacies of the Atlantic World which relate to the black diaspora;
  • , on our blog, where any of the above work, information, and events can be discussed, knowledge exchanged and ideas generated.
  •  on people, places, and themes within and connected to the Black Atlantic;
  •  including conferences, seminars, lectures, exhibitions and performances organised by or associated with research institutions and cultural organisations concerned with exploring the Black Atlantic.
  •  to Journals, archives, research centres, and databases providing material related to the Black Atlantic discourse;

This is a webpage under continual construction and as such will have new material added to it regularly. If you would like to contribute or suggest an area of improvement please submit your suggestions here.

This web resource was jointly initiated by Tate Liverpool and the University of Liverpool, but is open to future collaborations and links both with institutions and individuals. If you are interested in contributing to, or making a link to this site please contact us.