The research material available in this section is grouped by particular events or works:


After Post-Colonialism: Transnationalism or Essentialism?

[Tate Modern Series]

Seven Podcasts to be viewed via the Tate Channel. A Panel which brings together artists, a philosopher and curators.

Afromodernisms 1: Re-encounters with the French Anglo-Atlantic Worlds, 1907 to '61

[University of Liverpool Symposium]

Audio files from this symposium including Demetrius Eudell's keynote address at Tate Liverpool.

"Afro Modern: Journeys through the black Atlantic"

[Tate Liverpool Exhibition]

This includes seven articles published in the catalogue for this exhibition, and a number of images of pieces in the exhibition.

El Otro Lado Del Alma: Syncretisms in Contemporary Cuban Photography

[Fototeca de Cuba Exhibition]

This includes two articles published in the catalogue, and a number images from the exhibition.

Global Exhibitions:Contemporary Art and the African Diaspora

[Tate Liverpool Symposium]

Audio files from this symposium which include 11 talks by artists, art historians, curators and cultural critics, and 3 panel discussions featuring these speakers.

MoCADA related events:

[Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, New York]

Including information about: recent exhibitions Re-imagining Haiti and Ain't I a Woman; the College Art Association Fair 2011 and; A conversation on Black Beauty movements from the Lecture Series Beauty and the Black Body.

Re-thinking Post-slavery

[CSIS Series]

Papers and abstract from this series of conferences.


Jamaican Hands Across the Atlantic

[Published Book by Elaine Bauer and Paul Thompson]

This work explores transnational migration through the experiences of Jamaican family networks which straddle North America, Canada and Britain. It is based on oral interviews with 45 families originating in Jamaica. Resources available here include: an abstract associated with this work and extracts from interviews conducted by Elaine Bauer and Paul Thompson.

Tate ETC.

[Tate Magazine]

Two articles from the Spring 2010 edition of Tate ETC. magazine which are associated with the the "Afro Modern: Journeys through the black Atlantic" exhibition at Tate Liverpool, and the Chris Ofili exhibition at Tate Britain.