Research undertaken by the Biomechanical Engineering Group

We have conducted several studies to determine the biomechanical properties of human, porcine and ovine tissues. The material properties obtained were implemented in our numerical simulations to make them closely representative of in-vivo behaviour and to enable the progress of studies. We are currently working on three medical devices; to measure corneal biomechanical properties in-vivo, to measure intraocular pressure using non-contact methods and to continuously monitor intraocular pressure for better glaucoma management.

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Material characterisation

We have carried out extensive tests to determine the mechanical properties of soft tissues.

Numerical simulation Numerical Simulation

Numerical simulation

Our simulations represent closely the mechanical properties of materials and the organ’s topography.

Medical device development Medical Device Development

Medical device development

We are involved in the development of a number of medical devices to improve clinical practice.

Medical procedures Medical Procedures

Medical procedures

Mathematical algorithms have been developed to improve customisation of surgical procedures.