Stefan Meyer Institute (OEAW)

Contact: Eberhard Widmann

The Austrian Academy of Sciences is the only organization performing basic research outside the university system in Austria. It runs 29 institutes in all fields of science and humanities, which are among the leading institutes in Austria and abroad. The Stefan Meyer Institute (SMI) is one of two institutes of OEAW in the field of subatomic physics and is well-known for studies of fundamental symmetries and interactions using precision spectroscopy of exotic atoms and has a strong program on hadron physics in the strange and charm sector.

We specialise in precision experiments using exotic atoms, exotic meson-nucleus bound states as well as hadrons (elementary particles consisting of quarks and held together by the strong interaction) as an integral part of international collaborations at large-scale re-search facilities in Europe and Japan. These are among the world’s leading facilities for subatomic physics and our projects are subject to rigorous annual evaluation to monitor their progress in a dynamic and expanding field.

We aspire to perform research that increases the understanding of fundamental physics principles while simultaneously providing opportunities for young Austrians to obtain valuable experience at institutes unavailable to them at home.

Our research program is focused on 'Low-energy precision experiments' and 'Hadron physics'.