Forschungszentrum Jülich

C‌ontact: Dieter Grzonka

Forschungszentrum FZJ (FZJ) is one of the national research institutions in Germany with about 3300 staff members which conducts research in the three fields of health, energy and environment, and information technology, organized in 9 institutes including several sub-institutes and large infrastructure divisions.‌

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The Institute für Kernphysik (IKP) with presently 136 staff positions consists of two experimental institutes, one theoretical institute, the accelerator division and the infrastructure (electronics and mechanics workshops, radio-protection and administration). The experimental institute of the IKP perform R&D work on various topics related to hadron and precision physics, does experiments at the cooler synchrotron COSY (operated by the accelerator division) and external facilities, and takes care of the data analysis. Scientific education is an important topic, presently about 20 PhD students are working in the IKP and summer schools for students are organized on a regular base.