Cosylab d.d.

Contact: Mark Plesko

Cosylab d.d. is the worldwide leader in control system integration for particle accelerators and other large physics facilities such as tokamaks and radio telescopes. It is a well-established SME with 85 employees and around 10 subcontractors.

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Past and present projects include: LHC at CERN, ITER, FAIR, ALMA, SNS and ESS. We develop hardware and software products and related services such as customization and integration of pre-existing solutions, custom development, consulting and training. Our team combines research level know-how with a professional business approach. The researchers at Cosylab are experienced in state of the art control system software design, development, integration and implementation. Our experience has been accumulated from years of work on successful projects in collaboration with a variety of international partners, mainly physics research facilities. We already have branche offices s in the USA and Japan, and will open more in China and Sweden.