Scientific Programme

The symposium is organised in honour of Professor Vladimir Maz'ya on the occasion of his 75th Birthday. The topics covered in Symposium inlcude:

  • Initial and boundary value problems for elliptic, hyperbolic and parabolic operators;
  • Asymptotic analysis;
  • Spectral Theory;
  • Potential theory, capacity, singular integral operators;
  • Approximation theory, numerical analysis;
  • Applications of Partial Differential Equations

Scientific Committee

  • A. Movchan, Co-Chair (Liverpool), Yu. Safarov Co-Chair (King's College, London)
  • D. Vassiliev (UCL)
  • V. Smyshlyaev (UCL)
  • I. Kamotski (UCL)
  • G. Mishuris (Aberystwyth University)

Local Organising Committee

  • A.B. Movchan (Liverpool)
  • M.J. Nieves (LJMU)
  • D.J. Colquitt (Liverpool)

Symposium Format

The talks will be approximately 30 minutes duration (including 10 minutes for discussion).

The book of abstracts will be available to all particpants at the Symposium.

 Detailed Symposium Programme

The Symposium will feature lectures by

  • Prof. J. Björn
  • Prof. S. N. Chandler-Wilde
  • Prof. A. Cialdea
  • Prof. A. Cianchi
  • Prof. M. Costabel
  • Prof. G. Dal Maso
  • Prof M. Dauge
  • Prof. E.B. Davies (FRS)
  • Dr. M. Dindos
  • Prof. L. E. Fraenkel (FRS)
  • Prof. R. Hurri-Syrjanen
  • Prof. N. Jacob
  • Prof. C. Kiselman
  • Prof. F. Lanzara
  • Prof. M. Levitin
  • Prof. T. Lyons
  • Prof. V. Maz'ya
  • Prof. S. Mikhailov
  • Dr. Y. Netrusov
  • Prof. J.R. Ockendon (FRS)
  • Prof. F. Pacella
  • Dr. A. Pushnitski
  • Prof. J. Rossmann
  • Prof. G. Schmidt
  • Prof. T. Shaposhnikova
  • Prof. E. Shargorodsky
  • Prof. A. Sobolev
  • Prof. M.A. Vivaldi
  • Prof. W. Wendland
  • Prof. J. Whiteman