Analysis of Partial Differential Equations

Symposium in honour of Professor Vladimir Maz’ya, on the occasion of his 75th Birthday

16th-17th December 2013

The meeting was held at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool.

The outstanding work of Prof V. Maz'ya has inspired many researchers in Analysis and its Applications worldwide.

Prof V. Maz’ya was the recipient of the Humboldt Prize, Verdaguer Prize, Celsius Gold Medal and Senior Whitehead Prize.  He has also recently been elected as the foreign member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.

Young researchers working in partial differential equations were encouraged to attend the meeting.


We wish to thank the following for their contribution and support to this conference:

•The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
•The FP7 PEOPLE project (PIAP-GA-2012-284544-PARM2,
•The Research Centre in Mathematics and Modelling, The University of Liverpool.


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