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The Student Fund

Supporting Liverpool Students One-of-a Kind. Distinctive. The Liverpool experience is life changing.

From the knowledge gained, memories made and lessons learned – it’s an experience like no other. An experience we believe should be open to any person, regardless of the background or situation.

Today’s students are facing mounting challenges. Students who are already struggling, are now worrying about the cost of living, struggling to balance their studies alongside their jobs, and facing the choice of whether they can afford to continue their education.

Some of the hardest hit are people who have left care, are estranged from their families or who are fleeing conflict and disaster worldwide. Many have no one else to call on for help.

You can help to bridge the gap and empower students to achieve their dreams. From providing scholarships and emergency grants, to supporting health and wellbeing services – your support will ensure no student is left behind.

Breaking down financial barriers

A third of students today are living on less than £50 a month after paying rent and bills and one in ten students are accessing food banks. On average, students’ maintenance loans fall £439 short each month.

This year 1,064 students have come to us for help. Your support will increase the support available to students in need to meet with this increasing demand.

Enhancing the Liverpool experience

Extra-curricular activities are a big part of the Liverpool experience. Whether it is being part of a sports club or society, attending events or professional development programmes – they enrich students' lives, fostering personal growth, networking opportunities, and supporting their overall Liverpool experience.

Your support will allow students to take part in all that Liverpool has to offer, helping them to pursue their passions and learn new skills.

A lifeline for students

Your support will mean students of all backgrounds can afford to come to Liverpool and make the most of their time at Liverpool – so they can go out into the world ad make a difference.

Bonnie, a first year Italian student said: “This has been such a help to me as a mature student single parent who is wanting to better herself to be independent financially through going to university and it helped my kids enjoy some days out. You have made my first year of university more manageable and lifted big money burdens I had. Thank you so much.” 

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Graduate Mustafa at his graduation

Last year, I had so many worries when I left my home in Afghanistan, everything I left behind and what my future would hold.  A year later, I completed my Masters degree with distinction. Thank you!

Mustafa (MSc Strategic Communications and scholarship recipient, 2022)

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