Our changing campus Architecture

Our changing campus

The University’s Estates Strategy includes more green space and trees, an extension to the School of Architecture, a new Digital Innovation Facility and the Music Performance Space.

In case of emergency, break habits Water

In case of emergency, break habits

As the climate crisis continues to escalate, the University of Liverpool is undergoing a transformation to ensure it fits into a sustainable future – and everyone has a role to play.

Passports to Possibilities Students

Passports to Possibilities

The University of Liverpool’s new Passports to Possibilities programme will take our commitment to global education for all one step further... with your help.

Celebrating our legacy supporters Carolyn

Celebrating our legacy supporters

When the University of Liverpool was founded, it was thanks to philanthropy, public spirit, jam and sugar.

Supporting enterprising students Tobias Fox and Ed Lynch

Supporting enterprising students

The University of Liverpool and Santander Universities UK are helping new alumni and current students to realise their entrepreneurial ideas thanks to the Enterprise Fund.