Photo of Dr Gabriela Czanner

Dr Gabriela Czanner PhD CStat FHEA

Lecturer in Ophthalmic Statistics Eye and Vision Science


Personal Statement

I have worked at Department of Biostatistics and Department of Eye and Vision Science at University of Liverpool since 2012, working closely with ophthalmologists fromClinical Research Eye Centre at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust. I am a statistician with broad interest of application and development of statistical methods for ophthalmology and vision science. I use tools from hierarchical modelling, mixed effect models and multivariate models to address problems of disease prediction and classification using big data: imaging data, clinical data and longitudinally collected data. I am particularly interested in developments of statistical methods in the following three areas: 1) feature selection and statistical classification of retinal disease stages using imaging data, 2) multivariate modelling and classification for longitudinally collected observational clinical data; and 3) information measures for evaluation of surrogate and predictive biomarkers.

Personal Distinctions

  • Perils of dichotomisation (Invitation to Speak, The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, Annual Congress, UK 2015)
  • Measuring information in recordings from biological systems (Invitation to Speak, University of Colorado, Denver, USA 2015)
  • Statistical perspective on measuring signal to noise ratio in neurons (Invitation to Speak, Liverpool Neuroscience Day, University of Liverpool, UK 2015)
  • Perils of dichotomisation (Invitation to Speak, Royal Statistical Society GAS and Merseyside group meeting on Opthalmic Biostatistics, UK 2015)
  • Statistical challenges in opthalmic imaging (Invitation to Speak, NIHR Statistics Group Imaging Section meeting, UK 2014)
  • Discriminant analysis (Invitation to Speak, Royal Statistical Society, GAS and Merseyside group meeting on Supervised Classification, UK 2014)
  • How to measure signal-to-noise ratio in neurons (Invitation to Speak, Neuroscience Statistics Research Laboratory, MIT and Harvard University, USA 2014)
  • Multivariate statistical modelling with applications in medicine (Invitation to Speak, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Comenius University, Slovakia 2013)
  • Chartered Statistician (Royal Statistical Society 2012)

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