MARLIN trip to 3 islands 2013

Info about Piel Island, Ravenglass, Laxey, Douglas, Derby Haven, Castletown, Cemaes Bay.

I mainly use tides favourably (this helps a lot) and motor at my displacement speed (5 to 7 knots).

Friday 7 June: leave Liverpool Marina near HW at 11.30am, via Rock Channel (survey) to buoy ALPHA then on north, passing Blackpool. Current slightly adverse. Enter Barrow channel and moor at Piel Island at 6.15pm in 6 ft. Ashore in my tender to the slip for a meal and drink in the Ship. Back aboard - fairly calm except for some scend near HW overnight.

See 2016, 2015, 2012 , 2011 trips to Piel also.

Piel Island jetty at LW from my mooring (Ferry is aground) and view at HW

Saturday 8 June: leave 6.15am and proceed north to Ravenglass. Some fishing buoys around. Enter channel at 10.10 (local HW 11.51). White stone pyramid marking leading line (when lined up with Yoadcastle) is no more, but a gap in the trees shows a pole with a triangle on top (point up) which serves to mark the channel in (approx 90 degrees). On reaching the red PHM, turn to port and follow the charted channel (marked by dotted lines on HO chart - see also info here).
Current in quite strong, especially near moored fishing boats. Find a spot with less current near the yachts (closer to the railway bridge). Take up a mooring and row ashore to look around and get a meal (in a guest house on the front). Back aboard 11.50 and out into open water by 12.20.

See 2011 info about visit to Ravenglass.

Ravenglass tree gap from seaward (here not lined up with Yoadcastle), Marlin at mooring.

Proceed to the Isle of Man with favourable current. Arrive off Laxey at 5.00pm, close to local LW. With no wind and a glassy sea, there was still a swell building up at the shore, so not ideal for landing by tender. The visitors buoy previously off the harbour entrance was not present.

See 2011 info about visit to Laxey.

Head on to Douglas, berthing alongside a fishing boat on Battery Pier at 6.05pm (after delays from a ferry arriving and a disabled boat being towed out). Meal and drink in Douglas. Leave 7.30pm for Derby Haven and anchor there at 8.57. Calm night.

Battery Pier at Douglas, Derby Haven (golf clubhouse and harbour entrance at LW from anchorage).

Sunday 9 June: Off 9.10am around Langness with initially favourable current (from a back eddy) then 4 knots max adverse for a short time. Take up mooring buoy off Castletown to wait for a bit more depth. At 10.25am head in and berth along side with 6ft under my keel. Eat ashore (only coffee shops open at that time on a Sunday) then leave at 11.40am (with 9ft under my keel).

Langness (with impressive foghorn), Castletown (from mooring buoy and showing outer alongside berths)

Head for Anglesey: Cemaes Bay. Current mainly on the beam but slightly favourable. Anchor in Cemaes Bay at 5.35pm in 6ft, near local LW. Calm but offshore wind force 2-3. Ashore in tender, landing at Porth Bach (also called Treath Bach, note wall at Porth Bach covers at high tide and a metal post marks the seaward end). Walk into town to eat and have a drink at the Stag. Back aboard 7.20pm. Chat to local fisherman waiting for enough tide to get into the harbour. Calm overnight

Cemaes Bay: Marlin at anchor with Porth Bach in foreground. The harbour near LW; time for sleep.

Monday 10 June: off 5.10 am, with some adverse current initially, heading for Liverpool via the Rock channel (more survey). Tide favourable later and quite strong current so wind SE 3-4 against tide caused quite steep waves, some shipped green over the wheelhouse. Lock into Liverpool Marina at 13.00.

Name three islands with at least one pub on each in the Irish sea area - see above....

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