Photo of Dr Eva Caamano-Gutierrez

Dr Eva Caamano-Gutierrez PhD, MSc, Lda, AFHEA

Co-Director, Computational Biology Facility Liverpool Shared Research Facilities


    Personal Statement

    I am co-director of the Computational Biology Facility, which is part of Liverpool Shared Research Facilities and hosted within the Institute of Systems, Molecular and Integrative Biology. We offer public services for data science, software and database development and training in computational biology, programming and -omics analyses. Check our work here

    I lead a team of seven data scientists and two software research enginners to deliver on a number of very exciting projects. I am also involved in coordinating and delivering a number of research projects with a particular interest in health bioinformatics. I make sure the project portfolio of the Facility is on track engaging with data analysts and clients to coordinate the deployment of different projects. I represent the Facility in numerous events and lead the organisation of seminars, courses and workshops, including courses in R statistics and data science. In particular I lead and coordinate our popular courses R for beginners and R for Data Science.

    I have extensive experience engaging with different institutions on a broad range of research areas, playing roles of leader, coordinator and executor at different stages on the research pipeline. I am a very proactive person that not only seeks collaborations and networking opportunities but also enjoys networking and brainstorming for new projects. Do not hesitate to contact if you wish to collaborate.

    What did I do before managing the Computational Biology Facility?
    I am originally from Spain where I completed my undergraduate studies, a 5-year degree in Biotechnology. I started my time in the UK in 2010 as Research Assistant at the University of Warwick in the lab of Dr Jose Gutierrez-Marcos. Wanting to pursue further education I applied and was awarded a fully funded place in the Warwick Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre where I completed an MSc and a PhD in Systems Biology. My PhD project aimed to shed light in metabolic adaptation to environmental changes of the deadliest malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. This was an ambitious multidisciplinary collaboration between the University of Warwick, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and the NMR centre of the University of Liverpool.

    While writing my PhD thesis I won a short-term research fellowship at the Warwick Antimicrobial Interdisciplinary Centre to apply statistical modelling to the discrimination of resistant strains of P falciparum which results have led to the application of different research grants. In November 2016, I joined the University of Liverpool as a Data Scientist working for the Computational Biology Facility (CBF), based in the Institute of Integrative Biology under the Genomes to Systems research theme. During this time I co-chaired the IIB Post Doc Society and volunteer in a number of activities that granted me three commendations at the Staff Awards 2018. In 2017 I organised a regional symposium called Wholly Bio aimed at Early Career Researchers interested in Systems Biology and -omics analyses.