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Biological and Biomedical Sciences

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Biological and Biomedical Sciences courses

Be inspired by our Biological and Biomedical Sciences programmes.

£30m More than £30 million has recently been invested in our facilities, such as our Biology Teaching Centre, the state-of-the-art Biosciences Building, the Biomedical Sciences Building and the Human Anatomy Resource Centre

4th ranked university in the Russell Group for Pharmacology (NSS, 2021)

100+ yrs Biological science has a long and rich history at the University of Liverpool, starting in the latter part of the 19th Century

Inside Life Sciences

A conversation with Tanya Horne and Professor Jay Hinton.


The University of Liverpool is one of the best universities in the world, renowned by the scientific community and home of several Nobel Prize laureates.

Mateus Milani, Cancer Biology PhD

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