Report an issue with your University accommodation

What to do if you have maintenance issues, including emergencies, with your University accommodation.

Maintenance issues

It is your responsibility to report any faults with your room. This can be done via  Liverpool Life Portal:

  1. Login to Liverpool Life
  2. Click on the 'Requests' tab.

Please be as accurate and detailed as possible when reporting any faults to ensure they are repaired quickly and correctly.

All non-emergency requests will be completed Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm.

Emergency requests

An emergency request is any repair that endangers the safety, health, and security of you and your fellow residents or where there is an immediate risk to the structure of the building, for example, a water leak.

If you have any requests that may be considered an emergency please report these to reception via:

Crown Place
0151 795 0907

Dover Court
0151 795 8180 

Greenbank Student Village
 0151 795 6507 

Melville Grove
0151 795 9765/66 

Philharmonic Court
0151 795 9510 

Tudor Close
0151 795 9765/66 

Vine Court
0151 795 9765/66