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Welcome Week

Will you be coming to Liverpool and starting your new academic course in September 2019? If so, you are invited to "Hello International!" (Hi!), the International Advice and Guidance Team's (IAG's) orientation for new students!

We know that you may be nervous about moving to a new country and so "Hello International!" has been created to help you adjust to your new life and encourages you to meet new people before your academic studies begin. The sessions will begin on Monday 16th September 2019, continuing throughout Welcome Week and beyond. 

Let us know your thoughts on our sessions and Welcome Week generally!


This years Hello International events have not yet been finalised, but you can download your very own Now You've Arrived 2018 booklet to access last years programme of events and our checklist of important things to do once you arrive in Liverpool!

Now You've Arrived 2018

Hello International! - Welcome Week Events 2018


2018 programme of events

We have a lot of events taking place this year to give you the best possible start to your new life here in Liverpool!

‌Hello International! What you need to know?

When? Monday 17th September @ 9:15am (please arrive by 9am) and repeated at 10:30am (please arrive by 10.15am)

Where? Mountford Hall, Liverpool Guild of Students (campus map ref 501)

A great start to the week! A big “Hi!” from IAG as well as all of the essential information you need to know. The event will be busy but we will be running it twice. To attend, simply arrive and take a seat!

Arrived late? No problem, view a video of our Hello International! talk below:

‌In the Mix: socialising in a new country

When? Monday 17th September @ 4pm

Where? Central Teaching Hub, Lecture Theatre B (campus map ref 221)

Making new friends in a new country can cause lots of students to feel nervous, but you do not need to worry! This session explains the attitude you need to take as well as the thoughts of UK students. In addition, we will be promoting events by the Guild of Students that you can get involved with and meet new people.

Working in the UK during your studies

When? Tuesday 18th September @ 4pm

Where? Central Teaching Hub, Lecture Theatre B (campus map ref 221)

Presented jointly by IAG and the University's Careers and Employability Service, this session will tell you everything you need to know about finding part-time work in the UK, as well as what your visa will allow you to do!

Missed our Working in the UK During Your Studies presentation? No problem, we recorded it for you below: 

Session for under 18s

When? Wednesday, 19th September @ 1pm

Where? Alsop Building, Lower Ground Floor Seminar Room (Campus map ref 750/759)

We know that for some younger students, starting a new course can be overwhelming, let alone being in a new school, in a new city, in a new country! This year we are providing a session specifically for our new international students who are aged under 18. Come and meet the team and find out what type of support we can provide. 

Scouse 101:  an entertaining journey through Liverpool history, language and culture (theatre presentation)

When? Wednesday, 19th September @ 4pm

Where? Stanley Theatre, Liverpool Guild of Students (campus map ref 501)

Come along to a free performance by a local theatre group and learn about the history of Liverpool, the “scouse” accent and life here in Liverpool.

"Nice to meet EU", our welcome session for European students

When? Thursday 20th September @ 1pm and repeated Friday, 21st Septembr 2018 @ 1pm

Where? Alsop Building, Lower Ground Floor Seminar Room (Campus map ref 750/759)

If you are from inside the EU come along to meet the team and learn about what you can do whilst inside the UK alongside your studies. We will also be able to provide you with information about EEA registration certificates and registration cards as well as Brexit of course! 

Liverpool on a budget

When? Thursday 20th September @ 4pm

Where? Central Teaching Hub, Lecture Theatre B (campus map ref 221)

Arriving in a new city can be tough, especially when you are not used to the currency and prices! Come along to find out how to make your money go further and the student discounts you can take advantage of.

Missed our Liverpool On a Budget presentation? No problem, we recorded if for you below: 

Liverpool Guild of Students Welcome Fair

When? Thursday 20th and Friday 21st September @ 10am until 4pm each day

Where? Liverpool Guild of Students (Campus map ref 501)

Everything the University and the Liverpool Guild of Students has to offer, all under one roof! Find a society for the things you are interested in, or join one you have never heard of and find something new to love! The Welcome Fair is also an excellent opportunity for you to find out about all of the academic and support teams at the University, as well as local businesses and things to do in the city! 

Improving your English

When? Friday 21st September @ 4pm

Where? Central Teaching Hub, Lecture Theatre B (campus map ref 221)

You have already been accepted to study at the University, so your English is great! But if you would like to improve it, come along to this session and find out what the University can offer you (as well as things you can do to help yourself!).

Missed our Improving Your English presentation? No problem, we recorded this for you here:


Hello International! Welcome Dinner (limited availability)‌

When? Monday 24th September @ 5.45pm and Tuesday 25th September @ 5.45pm

Where? Mountford Hall, Liverpool Guild of Students ( Campus map ref 501)

To mark the end of Welcome Week, and the beginning of your studies at the University of Liverpool, join us for an exclusive Welcome dinner in the Liverpool Guild of Students. An evening of good food, prizes, special guests and entertainment are on offer. This is a fantastic way to meet your new life-long friends and starts the next chapter of your life in style!

This event is free but you will require a ticket. Book your place online from Monday, 17th September 2018 by visiting our Welcome Dinner booking page:

Monday Welcome Dinner event: Fully booked! - Try Tuesday. 

Tuesday Welcome Dinner event: Book here! (The password was given out at our HI Talk on Monday; if you didn't attend email iagteam@liverpool.ac.uk). 

Please only book on ONE of these evenings.  

British Culture Session

When? Wednesday 26th September @ 2pm

Where? Alsop Building, Lower Ground Floor Seminar Room (Campus map ref 750/759)

Come along to this informal session if you want to learn all about our British culture from politics to how we like our personal space and queuing! We will also give you tips on how to adapt to life in the UK.   

International Families in Liverpool

When? Wednesday 26th September @ 4pm

Where? Alsop Building, Lower Ground Floor Seminar Room (Campus map ref 750/759)

Information for students and their partners and children on living in Liverpool as a family: schools, learning English, working, places to visit, playgroups and anything else you may want to know about.  


Every year we have great prizes to give away at our events! This year is no exception, we have a number of freebies to give away along with the chance to win 1 of 3 year-long memberships to the University's Sport Centre! Other prizes include meal vouchers at local independant restaurants and family tickets to the Beatles Museum amongst other things. Join us at the "Hello International!" session on Monday morning to find out more.

Get in touch

We will be updating this page with information throughout the summer, but if there is something you want to know you can always email us (iagteam@liverpool.ac.uk).

You can also reach us on social media (@LivUniSWAG on Twitter and IG). Don't forget to use the hashtag #LivUniHI

We look forward to meeting you in September 2019!