Specialist Equipment

Disability Advice and Guidance has a small stock of specialist equipment, which is available to loan to students who are either in the process of making an application for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)or are unable to access disability funding.

Contact us for more information: disteam@liverpool.ac.uk.


  • Laptops / PCs


    PCs may be recommended to enable disabled students to run accessibility software to support their home studies. Laptops may be recommended specifically for students, who may, for example, need to access a computer and specialist software within a lecture or seminar, on a field trip or when undertaking research in different locations.

  • Digital voice recorders


    Digital voice recorders may be recommended to students whose disability makes it difficult for them to take notes.

  • Specialist accessibility software


    Software includes:

    • Literacy support software, for those who find reading, writing and using language difficult.
    • Speech to text software, which enables students to dictate text or numbers into other software applications.
    • Planning and organisational software. This is particularly useful to those who recognise their learning style as predominantly visual.
  • Ergonomic equipment


    Lumbar supports, wrist supports, ergonomic chairs, height adjustable tables, wireless ergo keyboards etc.

  • Other aids


    Amplified stethoscope, portable converser, portable magnifier, keyboard with high-visibility keys.