Examination Arrangements

If you are a student experiencing a disability, support need or medical condition you may be entitled to specific support arrangements within exams. It is important that you contact Disability Advice and Guidance as early as possible to discuss this support further.

All formal examinations are arranged by Student Administration & Support (SAS) however Disability Advice and Guidance can liaise with SAS on your behalf to help create an independent and accessible examination environment. Please note that the student is responsible for producing information to support their access requests.

Types of support can include, for example:

  • Extra time in exams
  • A reader
  • A scribe
  • Use of a p.c. / other equipment
  • Rest breaks
  • Separate room
  • Use of ergonomic furniture
  • Permission to bring food and drink into exams

For further information contact Disability Advice and Guidance.

Exam Support

Any disabled students who hold evidence for obtaining support in examinations should arrange to meet with the Disability Advice and Guidance Team as soon as possible to ensure that arrangements are put in place for your examinations and to find out whether you may benefit from any other support. 

Please note: Students are required to provide evidence of their disability, health condition or specific learning difficulty.

If you did not declare a disability during the admissions process and provide supporting documentation, or you have only recently been diagnosed with a disability or specific learning difficulty, you will need to provide documentation and give your consent before your support can be put in place.

Student Administration has useful information regarding Examinations and Assessments. Their webpages also contain information on the exam schedule, including cut-off dates for arranging exam reasonable adjustments for each exam period. Please note Disability Advice and Guidance would need to be in receipt of appropriate evidence; and discussed and agreed on any required exam support prior to this date.