‌‌Programme-centred support

Disability and Dyslexia Contacts (DDCs)

There is a nominated Disability and Dyslexia contact (DDC) within each School or Department. These contacts work closely with Disability Advice and Guidance to support the implementation of recommended reasonable adjustments within the academic environment.

DDC Role descriptor

Examples of individual reasonable adjustments implemented within the learning and teaching and research environments include:

  • Timetabling to allow additional time to move around the campus
  • Providing lecture slides, handouts in advance
  • Providing a directed reading list
  • Supporting students to record lectures
  • Access to a personal assistant on fieldtrips, e.g. to carry equipment
  • One to one explanations of practical tasks
  • Presentations delivered to small groups
  • Access to additional laboratory time
  • Personal emergency and egress plans
  • Specific exam arrangements, e.g. question papers in alternative format, extra time, typing facilities, etc.
  • Individual support arrangements when studying/undertaking research abroad

If you have any questions regarding your recommended academic support or need any advice, your Disability and Dyslexia Coordinator‌ will be able to help you or advise you, in conjunction with Disabiliity Advice and Guidance.

The list of DDCs for Academic year 2019/20 is available here: Departmental Disability Contact List