Funding for Disabled Students

DSA process

Please note: Some funding bodies and all research councils require applications for DSA to be made directly by Disability Advice and Guidance. In these circumstances please contact the team directly for advice on how to apply.

  • Arranging a needs assessment

    • Once your DSA application has been approved, your funding body will contact you to confirm your eligibility and ask you to undertake an assessment of need, to determine what support you require.
    • To arrange a needs assessment at the University of Liverpool, please send a copy of your eligibility letter to Disability Advice and Guidance and we will refer you to a local assessor, who will contact you to arrange an appointment in Student Welfare Advice and Guidance.
    • Alternatively, you can arrange a needs assessment at any approved assessment centre
  • What is a needs assessment?

    • Assessments are fairly informal meetings, lasting about two hours.
    • You will discuss the effects of your disability or specific learning difficulty with a Needs Assessor, who will suggest strategies to help overcome the impact of the disability on your studies or research activities.
    • You may also have the opportunity to experiment with different kinds of assistive technology, ranging from ergonomic supports to specialist accessibility software eg note taking, screen reading, magnification, speech to text, planning and organising etc.
  • What happens next?

    • The assessor will produce a report, detailing their recommendations, and send it to you to make sure you agree with it, before sending it to your funding body for approval.
    • You will receive a copy of your report. If you are a registered student at the University of Liverpool, you should make an appointment with a member of Disability Advice and Guidance to discuss the support recommendations.
    • Your funding body will write to you to confirm approval for the recommended support. You can then order your equipment and any additional IT training, insurance, etc as detailed in your assessment and the instructions given in the letter from your funding body.