Support for Disabled Students

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  • I am Dyslexic / have a Specific Learning Difficulty, what evidence do I need to provide?


    We require a full Educational Psychologist or Specialist Teacher’s Report, which adheres to the guidance outlined in the following document: Suitable Tests for the Assessment of Specific Learning Difficulties in Higher Education

    Refer to the Supporting Documentation Guidance for further details.

    Please note that we are unable to accept: ‘Form 8’ JCQ forms unless all the above tests are covered; results of a dyslexia screening test; or letters detailing exam arrangements from schools/exam boards as these are not full diagnostic assessments for Higher Education purposes

  • How do I obtain a diagnostic assessment for a Specific Learning Difficulty?


    Disability Advice and Guidance can provide a list of local Educational Psychologists.  Please contact the Team by email: disteam@liverpool.ac.uk

  • Can I get financial help to pay for my diagnostic assessment?


    Disability Advice and Guidance manages a non-means tested diagnostic assessment fund (available from Academic Year 2019/20, Semester 2).  Please contact the Team by email: Disteam@liverpool.ac.uk or come to one of our Drop-In sessions for further information about eligibility and how to claim this funding.