Money Advice and Guidance

Helping you to manage your money at university.

Money Advice and Guidance

Starting University and managing your money can be difficult.   Money Advice and Guidance are here to offer support.

We administer the University Hardship Fund, a discretionary fund for students in financial difficulties 

  • It helps with general living costs when student loans and grants aren’t sufficient to cover weekly expenditure
  • One off exceptional cases of hardship that couldn’t be foreseen.

We offer advice on your entitlement to student loans and grants and how these may be affected

  • If you’ve had previous higher education study.
  • If your study pattern changes because of suspension or repeat years

We can help if you’re struggling to budget. 

  • We check if you’re receiving the income you’re entitled to.
  • if you’re paying debts, it may be possible to negotiate with creditors on your behalf to reduce these payments to a more affordable level.
  • We can help apply for additional funding through compelling personal reasons if necessary.


Go to the appointment hub to book an appointment or drop-in or email us at: or telephone 0151 795 1000.