Worms are extremely common in kittens and puppies and can cause major problems as they are growing, as well as causing serious diseases in humans, which is why we recommend regular worming with a veterinary prescribed product.

Puppies can become infected with worms whilst in the womb and kittens can be infected via their mother’s milk. Hence, when you bring along your new puppy or kitten to see the vet for its first health check, the importance of regular worming is discussed. Puppies grow quickly and we recommend you make an appointment with our nurse to check your puppy’s weight, so we can ensure it receives just the right amount of wormer.

Taking your pet abroad will expose it to additional parasites not found in the UK. As part of the criteria for travelling abroad with an accompanying animal, it is stipulated that the animal is regularly wormed. This requirement is for both the animal's safety and to prevent the spread of foreign parasites into this country.