If your pet becomes lost or injured it is essential that he or she can be reliably identified. A tiny microchip implanted under the skin will permanently identify your pet. Each microchip contains a unique code which identifies your pet, and these details are stored on a central computer database. Should your pet go missing, when found, the chip can be read using special hand-held scanners.

For dogs microchipping is a legal requirement, and should be carried out before 8 weeks of age. In most cases this means pups will have been microchipped with the breeder, but if not we are able to microchip your pup at their puppy visits.

For cats we advise microchipping at the time they are neutered. Cats should not be allowed to go outside until they have been neutered to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies and roaming. We are happy to place microchips earlier if you are worried about your cat escaping!

Microchips are essential for any pets who are travelling abroad, as this is how your pet will be identified as they cross into other countries.