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Paper: ‘Internal strain and temperature discrimination with optical fiber hybrid sensors in Li-ion batteries’

Authors: Micael Nascimento, Susana Novais, Markus S. Ding, Marta S. Ferreira, Stephan Koch, Stefano Passerini, João L. Pinto
Journal:  Journal of Power Sources


Paper: ‘Temperature fiber sensing of Li-ion batteries under different environmental and operating conditions’

Authors: Micael Nascimento, Marta S. Ferreira, João L. Pinto
Journal:  Applied Thermal Engineering


Paper: ‘In‐Situ Electrochemical SHINERS Investigation of SEI Composition on Carbon‐Coated Zn0.9Fe0.1O Anode for Lithium‐Ion Batteries’

Authors: Laura Cabo‐Fernandez, Dominic Bresser, Filipe Braga, Stefano Passerini, Laurence J. Hardwick
Journal:Batteries & Supercaps


Paper: ‘Binder-induced surface structure evolution effects on Li-ion battery performance’

Authors: Sayed Javid Rezvani, Marta Pasqualini, Agnieszka Witkowska, Roberto Gunnella, Agnese Birrozzi, Marco Minicucci, Hana Rajantie, Mark Copley, Francisco Nobili, Andrea Di Cicco
Journal:   Applied Surface Science



Paper: ‘Electrochemical and spectroscopic characterization of an alumina-coated LiMn2O4 cathode with enhanced interfacial stability’

Authors: Mart Pasqualini, Silvia Calcaterra, Fabio Maroni, Sayed Javid Rezvani, Andrea Di Cicco, S. Alexander, Hana Rajantie, Roberto Tossici, Fancisco Nobili
Journal: Electrochimica Acta


Paper: ‘Real time thermal monitoring of lithium batteries with fiber sensors and thermocouples: A comparative study

Authors: Micael Nascimento, Marta S. Ferreira, João L. Pinto
Journal: Measurement


Paper: ‘The Effect of 1-Pentylamine as Solid Electrolyte Interphase Precursor on Lithium Metal Anodes

Authors: Markus S. Ding, Stephan L. Koch, Stefano Passerini
Journal:Electrochimica Acta


Paper: ‘Physicochemical and electrochemical investigations of the ionic liquid N-butyl -N-methyl-pyrrolidinium 4,5-dicyano-2-(trifluoromethyl)imidazole

Authors: Anders Ochel, Daniele Di Lecce, Christian Wolff, Guk-Tae Kim, Diogo Vieira Carvalho, Stefano Passerini
Journal: Electrochimica Acta


Paper:  ‘Is the Solid Electrolyte Interphase an Extra-Charge Reservoir in Li-Ion Batteries?’

Authors: Sayed Javad Rezvani, Roberto Gunnella, Agnieszka Witkowska, Franziska Mueller, Marta Pasqualini, Francesco Nobili, Stefano Passerini, Andrea Di Cicco
Journal: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces


Paper: ‘LiTDI based lithium-ion cells electrolyte compositions’

Authors: Leszek Niedzicki, Piotr Oledzki, Piotr Oledzki, Marek Marcinek, Wladyslaw Wieczorek
Journal:Synthetic Metals


Paper: ‘Shell isolated nanoparticles for enhanced Raman spectroscopy studies in lithium–oxygen cells’

Authors: Thomas A. Galloway, Laura Cabo-Fernandez, Iain M. Aldous, Filipe Braga, Laurence J. Hardwick
Journal: Faraday Discussions


Paper: ‘Na 0.35 MnO 2 as an ionic conductor with randomly distributed nano-sized layers’

Authors: Arturas Adomkevicius, Laura Cabo-Fernandez, Tzu-Ho Wu, Tzu-Man Ou, Ming-Guan Chen, Yuri Andreev, Chi-Chang Hu, Laurence J. Hardwick
Journal: Journal of Materials Chemistry A



Paper: ‘Internal and External Temperature Monitoring of a Li-Ion Battery with Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors’

Authors: Susana Novais, Micael Nascimento, Lorenzo Grande, Maria Fátima Domingues, Paulo Antunes, Nélia Alberto, Cátia Leitão, Ricardo Oliveira, Stephan Koch, Guk Tae Kim, Stefano Passerini, João Pinto


Paper: ‘In-Depth Interfacial Chemistry and Reactivity Focused Investigation of Lithium-Imide- and Lithium-Imidazole-Based Electrolytes’

Authors: Gebrekidan Gebresilassie Eshetu, Thomas Diemant, Sylvie Grugeon, R Jürgen Behm, Stephane Laruelle, Michel Armand, Stefano Passerini
Journal:ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces


Paper: ‘Local Structure and Stability of SEI in Graphite and ZFO Electrodes Probed by As K-Edge Absorption Spectroscopy’

Authors: Sayed Javid Rezvani, Matteo Ciambezi, Roberto Gunnella, Marco Minicucci, Miguel A. Muñoz, Francesco Nobili, Marta Pasqualini, Stefano Passerini, Christian Schreiner, Angela Trapananti, Agnieszka Witkowska, Andrea Di Cicco
Journal:  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C


Paper: ‘Benzimidazole-derived anion for lithium-conducting electrolytes’

Authors: Leszek Niedzicki, Piotr Oledzki, Anna Bitner, Maria Bukowska, Przemyslaw Szczecinski
Journal:Journal of Power Sources


Paper: ‘Variation in surface energy and reduction drive of a metal oxide lithium-ion anode with stoichiometry: a DFT study of lithium titanate spinel surfaces’

Authors: Benjamin J. Morgan, Javier Carrasco, Gilberto Teobaldi
Journal: Journal of Materials Chemistry A


Paper: ‘Investigation of the Passivation Properties of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase Using a Soluble Redox Couple’

Authors: Ming Thu Dinh-Nguyen, Charles Delacourt
Journal: Journal of The Electrochemical Society


Paper: ‘In situ Raman spectroscopy of carbon-coated ZnFe 2 O 4 anode material in Li-ion batteries – investigation of SEI growth’

Authors: Laura Cabo-Fernandez, Franziska Mueller, Stefano Passerini, Laurence J. Hardwick
Journal: Chemical Communications



Paper: ‘Density functional theory screening of gas-treatment strategies for stabilization of high energy-density lithium metal anodes’

Authors: Stephan L. Koch, Benjamin J. Morgan, Stefano Passerini, Gilberto Teobaldi
Journal:Journal of Power Sources


Paper: ‘(Sub)surface-Promoted Disproportionation and Absolute Band Alignment in High-Power LiMn 2 O 4 Cathodes’

Authors: Ivan Scivetti, Gilberto Teobaldi
Journal: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C


Paper: ‘SEI Growth and Depth Profiling on ZFO Electrodes by Soft X‐Ray Absorption Spectroscopy’

Authors: Andrea Di Cicco, Angelo Giglia, Roberto Gunnella, Stephan L. Koch, Franziska Mueller, Francesco Nobili, Marta Pasqualini, Stefano Passerini, Roberto Tossici, Agnieszka Witkowska
Journal: Advanced Energy Materials


Paper: ‘Homogeneous lithium electrodeposition with pyrrolidinium-based ionic liquid electrolytes’

Authors: Lorenzo Grande, Jan von Zamory, Stephan L Koch, Julian Kalhoff, Elie Paillard, Stefano Passerini
Journal: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces


Paper: ‘Scaling up “Nano” Li4Ti5O12 for High-Power Lithium-Ion Anodes Using Large Scale Flame Spray Pyrolysis’

Authors: Agnese Birrozzi, Mark Copley, Jan von Zamory, Marta Pasqualini, Silvia Calcaterra, Francesco Nobili, Andrea Di Cicco, Hanna Rajantie, Martha Briceno, Edward Bilbé, Laura Cabo-Fernandez, Laurence J. Hardwick, Dominic Bresser, Stefano Passerini
Journal: Journal of The Electrochemical Society


Paper: ‘An imidazopyrazine-derived anion for lithium conducting electrolyte application’

Authors: Leszek Niedzicki, Jędrzej Korczak, Anna Bitner, Maria Bukowska, Przemyslaw Szczecinski
Journal: RSC Advances


Paper: ‘Ternary polymer electrolytes incorporating pyrrolidinium-imide ionic liquids’

Authors: Henrik de Vries, Sangsik Jeong, Stefano Passerini
Journal: RSC Advances



Paper: ‘Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Li–Air Batteries: Lithium Metal Cycling’

Authors: Lorenzo Grande, Elie Paillard, Guk-Tae Kim, Simone Monaco, Stefano Passerini
Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences




Patent: P-409649 (Poland)

English title: Salts for electrolytes to galvanic cells, particularly lithium-ion and sodium-ion, as well as methods to obtain them
Applicants: Leszek Niedzicki, Maria Bukowska, Tomasz Trzeciak, Anna Bitner-Michalska, Przemyslaw Szczecinski, Marek Marcinek, Wladyslaw Wieczorek