University of Aveiro / Associate Laboratory I3N

Contact: Prof Joao Lemos Pinto

The University of Aveiro is a young University, founded in 1973, which has already achieved international recognition for the quality of both teaching and research activities.  It integrates 16 Academic Departments and 4 Polytechnic Schools and hosts 18 research centers which work together in an inter-disciplinary manner.

UA is a place where innovative products and solutions are developed to contribute to the advance of science and technology.  It is a privileged partner for companies and other national and international organisations with which the University cooperates in numerous national and international projects and for which it provides important services.  It integrates four Associated Laboratories, namely the I3N- Institute of Nanostructures, Nanomodelling and Nanofabrication and IT- Institute of Telecommunications.

I3N is actively involved in fundamental and applied research in the area of nanoscience and nanotechnology, devoted to create and disseminate scientific and technical knowledge, to generate added value to industry and to raise public awareness.  It is a partnership between three leading research units of the University of Aveiro, University of Minho and New University of Lisbon. On the other hand, IT is a private, not-profit organisation, of public interest, a partnership of eight research and development institutions, focussed on the field of telecommunications. Advanced laboratory facilities are available to support optical communications and sensors networks applied research.