Politechnika Warszawska

Contact: Dr Leszek Niedzicki

Warsaw University of Technology is a research intense, doctoral level academic institution focused on undergraduate and graduate programs almost exclusively in engineering and applied sciences. With over thirty thousand students served by over two thousand professors and instructors, Warsaw University of Technology is the largest and the highest ranking engineering university in Poland.  The mission of the University always remains the same: The knowledge and skills imparted to its students and the scientific studies it conducts must always serve Man and Mankind.

The Polymer Ionics Research Group in the field of lithium ion batteries is led by Prof W. Wieczorek.

As a group they focus on electrolytes (liquid, gel, solid, polymer, ceramic) and are currently concentrating on the application of completely new generation imidazole-derived salts (lithium and sodium).  Room temperature conductivities for such types of systems were found as high as 103–104 Scm1 and are in concert with  Li+ transference numbers higher than 0.5. This project among 12 research and industrial institutions was involved in the 7th FP EuroLiion. The group is also intensively exploring different kinds of additives for battery electrolytes (calixarenes, calixpyrroles, borrorganic etc.).

Finally a novel synthesis method of thin-film composite electrodes has been developed in their laboratory. Thin layers of graphitic carbon based electrodes were synthesized from a solid organic precursor by a one-step microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (MPCVD). The thin-film electrodes were electrochemically tested in lithium half cells and produced promising reversible capacities.

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